Dave Johnson joined WHO in 1993 and since that time it's been Bob and Dave (along with critical contributions from a talented pool of comedic professionals) finding new ways to share the joy of

laughter to thousands around the world!

In 2005, the two purchased the Avenue Theater in Denver Colorado and ran it in varying degrees into 2014. That's when they decided to devote more time to Chicken Lips and the World Humor Organization and left the theater in very capable hands. It's the top spot for intimate theater (mostly comedies) in Denver!

Our organization has evolved over the years and is doing so again.

In 2014 WHO became a nonprofit organization. Our mission

statement is "We educate and inspire through the joy of laughter."

We will continue to provide a variety of speaking, entertaining and conference service options . . . AND we will develop special outreach programs for seniors and teachers.

Chicken Lips is the original name of our organization.We were founded in 1980 by a group of Denver actors/comedians. Chicken Lips' life-long mission has always been to find new ways to harvest laughs from audiences everywhere. Originally, we did that through sketch comedy, improv comedy, song parodies and customized musicals and plays. Many thousands have cackled with delight at Chicken Lips.


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World Humor Organization, Inc. (WHO) was born in 1988 when "ChickenLipper" Bob Wells was asked by his friend (a banker) to create some fun training for her bank. Bob did and it was love at first laugh! More programs were created that were both educational and fun! For some, our name  "Chicken Lips" was a tough sell to their bosses. They needed something more official sounding.

Bob obliged and that's how WHO began!