Our activities are designed for focused listening, yielding and cooperating, generating new thinking, moving ideas forward, and celebrating positive attitudes and achievements.

That was the best two hours we've ever had . . . ever! . . . ever!
Advocate Health Care - Leadership Development Institute, Illinois

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Leadership and Laughter begins by creating a safe, relaxed environment which helps participants take that step (sometimes leap) outside of their comfort zone.

 A variety of exercises (verbal, written and minor physical) in a variety of groupings causes inventive, innovative thinking, stress-reducing "mental play" and physical relaxation, and brings a sense of joy to the group.

Bob and Dave have a long history of involvement in leadership programs. For over 20 years they have been a part of two respected leadership programs, the Denver Community Leadership Forum (DCLF) and the Rocky Mountain Leadership Program in Colorado.

In addition, over the past 25 years they have designed and presented many training sessions with the Western Management Development Center (part of Office of Personnel Management), including the Pacific Leadership Academy in Hawaii, the New Mexico Leadership Development Program, Utah Leadership Development Program, Indian Health Services and the National Security Agency.


One of this seminar’s most lauded lessons
is the “Yes, and…” approach which allows
 the ensemble to remain positive, to value
diverse perspectives, to include everyone
equally, and to clearly listen to, respect and
validate all participants’ points and ideas. 

We would love to hear about your
leadership program AND offer some
ideas on how we might contribute.