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Check out some options below. Laughter; it's cheaper than therapy and quicker than Prozac!

Dear Seniors & Senior Event Planners,




Did you know that laughter has some positive medical benefits? Sure you do!

It helps lower blood pressure, produces natural pain killers, strengthens your immune system, is aerobic and makes us all happier people.

Kinship Conference

That's right, we're now eligible for discounted pie at Perkins!

November 18, 2016

A one-day conference for relatives (mostly grandparents) who are raising children, not their own. Bob & Dave emceed the event.

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We can also help planyour Wellness Day.

We've got the experience and connections to create a Wellness Day based on your goals and resources.


We'll send you all the details when they become available.

Part of the reason we became a non-profit organization is so we can bring laughter to more seniors at more senior events at a low cost or even no cost to you. Tell us about your meeting, event or situation and let's see if we can be a part of it.

    Bob Wells        &        Dave Johnson

We have also structured our organization so that we can more easily add more healthful laughter to more events for seniors.

In our 30+ years in business we have participated in many, many events for seniors. We LOVE seniors! So much so, that we have joined your ranks.

September 21, 2015

At a conference which assists seniors in finding employment through training and referral services, Bob & Dave provided the closing keynote.

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April 21, 2016

Bob & Dave provided an opening keynote address and a break-out session for this one-day conference.

Let Chicken Lips  HOST your Wellness Day.

We are entertainers, we know how to keep audiences engaged, enthused and awake!

As hosts, we will provide:

  • Humorous keynote to begin the day
  • Breakout sessions
  • A smooth, organized, lively day
  • Customized content for YOUR group!

Chicken Lips Comedy Show
45 - 60 minutes

This show contains sketch comedy, improv comedy, song comedy, game-show comedy and comedy comedy. It's FUNNY!

It's a great fit for

  • Monthly suppers or lunches
  • Awards event
  • Following conference banquet
  • Holiday entertainment
  • A celebration

Wellness Keynote Address

60 - 90 minutes
A GREAT way to begin any conference. It's so much fun and filled with so much laughter!

It sets a positive, energetic and welcoming tone for your meeting!